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Telnet Access to DX Packet Clusters

Telnet Access to DX Packet Clusters

This is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all packet cluster nodes accessible by telnet. Rather, its goal is to list a representative selection of normally reliable and consistent nodes. If you operate a relatively problem free telnet accessible node and would like it added to the list, please send me an E-mail with the relevant details. Likewise, if users experience chronic problems with a node I list here, I'd like to hear about it too. Remember though, all telnet accessible nodes will experience problems from time to time; it's just the nature of the Internet; so don't be too quick to report a problem.

Open Systems

CallDomain Name/
IP address
logincommentSoftware, Location, etc.
callW1GQ (Londonderry NH)
callYCCC (Peru, MA)
callKH2D WinCluster (Amelia Island, FL)
callN2TX (Bay Shore, NY)
(dynamically assigned)
callK2UT (Medford, NJ) (FRC Network)
callN3RA AR-Cluster Node, Youngstown, OH
(North Coast Contesters)
callWU3V / Mega-Cluster
callK4JA AR-Cluster, Callao, VA
callEast Alabama ARC
callW4ML AR-Cluster node (Manakin, VA) Central Virginia Contest Club; Sysop: N4DEN
callW4TO AR-Cluster Node, Concord, TN
callNFDXA PacketCluster
callN5IN AR-Cluster node (Thief River Falls, MN)
callWorldwide spotsBee Cave Texas
callUS spots onlyBee Cave Texas
KC5NYOkc5nyo.dns2go.comcallKC5NYO AR-Cluster (Lawton, OK); Sysop: KC5NYO
callK5UTD AR-Cluster Node at UT-Dallas, TX; Sysop: K5ZQ
callMega AR-Cluster, New Orleans, LA
callProvide callsign + nameKL7G (Anchorage, AK)
calllogin with callsign + any passwordSpanaway, WA; prefer spots fm only western NA
callDXSpider (Alta Loma, CA); Southern CA DX Club; USA and VE spots only
calllogin with callsign + any password + DXCEastern Sierra DX-Contesters PacketCluster Network
callN7US AR-Cluster Node in Mesa, AZ
callK8NA AR-Cluster, Troy, MI
callK8SMC AR-Cluster, Jackson (MI)
callK8XXX AR-Cluster, Adrian, MI
callK9CW DXSpider (Urbana, IL); Spots of US/Canadian origin only
callK3GGN, Sysop; Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI,
callFort Wayne DX Association; Fort Wayne, IN
callK9USA DXSpider (Urbana, IL); Sysop: K9AN
callW9ZRX AR-Cluster, Westfield, IN
(Hoosier DX & Contest Club)
(dynamically assigned)
callNorthern Minnesota DX Association (Duluth); W0TVD, Sysop
(dynamically assigned)
callRocky Mountain DX Cluster; K0MP, Sysop; Parker, CO
(dynamically assigned)
callKansas City (Olathe, KS) AR-Cluster Node
callHawarden, IA; Sysop: WB0YRQ-7
callDXSpider (Belgrade - KN04FT); Sysop: YT1TX
calllogin with callsign + any passwordCLX (Herceg Novi); Sysop: YU1RE
callDXSpider (Herceg Novi); Sysop: YU1RE
callDXSpider (Beja, IM68ba); Sysop: CT2GWY
callSysop: EA1DAV (Coruna)
callSysop: EA4BPJ
callSysop: EB5ESX (Elche)
calllogin with callsign + any passwordDxCluster F5MZN-3 (Eaubonne)
calllogin with callsign + any passwordHA6DX
(dynamically assigned)
callAR-Cluster node (Parma); Sysop: IK4CIE
(dynamically assigned)
callDXSpider node (Battipaglia, SA)
callPuerto Rico DX Club (PRDXC) AR-Cluster Node
callOZ1LQH DXSpider (Odense)
callPA1RBZ DXSpider (Ermelo)
calllogin with call + DXCPI4CC DX-Cluster; Sysop: PB0AIU
callRX4HW DX Cluster (Samara, Russia)
callS50DXS DX Spider Node (Murska Sobota, Prekmurje); Sysop: S53ZO
calllogin with call + passwordUS5WE Linux-PacketCluster; Sysop: US5WE
(dynamically assigned)
calllogin with call + any passwordVA3NA Linux-PacketCluster (Toronto, ON)
calllogin with call + any passwordVE3FJB CLX Cluster (Barrie, ON)
calllogin with call + any passwordVE6TN Linux-PacketCluster node (Calgary, AB)
(dynamically assigned)
callVE7CC (Whonnock, BC)
calllogin with call + first name + DXVE9EMO, the New-Brunswick DX Cluster

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